The bells were hung in 1995/96 by Fred Pembleton in a fabricated steel H-frame, designed by Peter Hayward and built by Graham Blackburn.

3rd1938Gillett & Johnston3-0-10F
4th1938Gillett & Johnston3-2-13E
5th1938Gillett & Johnston4-2-13D
6th1938Gillett & Johnston6-0-6C
7th1938Gillett & Johnston7-3-2Bb
8th1938Gillett & Johnston9-1-0A
9th1938Gillett & Johnston12-2-14G
Tenor1938Gillett & Johnston18-1-21F

You can hear some sound clips of the bells by clicking on the links below.
All are in mp3 format and open in a new window, and are © St Wilfrid’s York Bellringers 2009.

Call changes on the front 6 | Call changes on the back 8 | Stedman Caters | Bristol Surprise Royal