Peal number 37
The Central Council
On Saturday May 28th 2005
in 3 hours and 10 minutes
5040 Bristol Surprise Royal
Composed by James Clatworthy
TrebleE Jane Sibson
2Judith M Rogers
3Beryl R Norris
4John Armstrong
5Donald F Morrison
6Philip J Earis
7Graham A Duke
8Derek E Sibson
9Richard I Allton
TenorAndrew W Gordon
Conducted by Derek E Sibson
Rung during the visit of The Central Council to North Yorkshire for their 2005 Annual Meeting, held in Harrogate.

 23456    7   M   W   H
 24356                5 
 56342        S   -      
 23465   BS   S     BSB 
 65432        S   -    
 23456   BS   S

 5 = BBSBB

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