Peal number 33
Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers
On Saturday January 15th 2005
in 3 hours and 9 minutes
5120 Titan Delight Royal
Composed by Alan G Reading
TrebleDinah M Rhymer
2Christopher Bostock
3Nicholas D Soanes
4Adrian M Moreton
5Neil Donovan
6Jeffrey P Ladd
7Christopher M Bennett
8C Barrie Dove
9Simon J Reading
TenorAlan G Reading
Conducted by Alan G Reading
First peal in the method. To mark the successful landing of the Huygens probe on Titan.

 23456    M   7   W   H
 34256                2
 52463    S       S   S
 24365    S           2
 23465           BS   2
 65432    S       -
 63452       BS
 54326    S       S   S
 65423    2           S
 23456    S      SB BBS

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