Peal number 16
St Martin's Guild of Church Bellringers for the Diocese of Birmingham
On Sunday March 9th 2003
in 2 hours and 57 minutes
5040 Spliced Royal in 8 methods
(720 changes each of Aldwark Surprise, Clifford's Tower Differential Surprise, Exhibition Square Delight, Foss Islands Surprise, Museum Gardens Surprise; 648 changes each of Ackhorne Alliance, Duncombe Place Alliance; 144 changes of Lendal Bridge Little Alliance; 125 changes of method, all the work)
Composed by David G Hull
TrebleJoanna M Ainsworth
2Victoria J M Halliwell
3David J Pipe
4Thomas W Griffiths
5Stephen J Mills
6Paul L Carless
7David G Hull
8Andrew J Graham
9Robin O Hall
TenorMichael P A Wilby
Conducted by David G Hull
All eight methods were rung for the first time in this peal.

    234567890    Ackhorne Alliance
    352749608    Exhibition Square Delight
    426385079    Clifford's Tower Differential Surprise
    573920486    Duncombe Place Alliance
    648203957    Duncombe Place Alliance
    795038264    Clifford's Tower Differential Surprise
    860492735    Exhibition Square Delight
    907856342    Ackhorne Alliance
 -  908674523    Foss Islands Surprise
    897056342    Aldwark Surprise
 -  890674523    Museum Gardens Surprise
 -  089674523    Lendal Bridge Little Alliance
 -  978023456    Museum Gardens Surprise
 -  897023456    Aldwark Surprise
    908375264    Foss Islands Surprise
 -  789023456

 9 part.

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